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Must Have Tips For Poker

Lets face it. Poker is a mans game,. Poker is a game that dares to bring out a persons human nature to the brim. Being a poker player means that putting all of ones energies and brains to one table and ione card hand is very daunting. People see this as a mans game since people feel that women arent going to do their best and have no talent for it.

In reality, women are getting ahead by playing the game online. In a land based casino, men rule the field but when they go online, it is a different matter. Women are fast becoming a womans sport since they arent pressured by all the elements in a live casino. No more playing amidst jeers, pick up lines and other forms of harassment.

To help beef up the odds in poker, here are some tips to go going:

Tip 1: Keeping track of the money spent is a good way of gauging one is winning or losing in the game. If a players bankroll is steady in the first half of the game, it means that the game can go further because there are enough funds.

Tip 2: Practice etiquette on the table. Throwing ones cards or the bet on the table would not win a player anything except rude stares from other players and a warning from the dealer. Ego doesnt have a say in the game. It is the skill that matters - but this means that everyone must be able to play with courtesy.

Tip 3: Taking a break isnt unmanly. Everyone needs a break from play. Even a short one. It can be used to visit the washroom or take a puff on a cigarette. Breaks are used so that the player can regroup their thoughts and strategies. Breaks may be called at times but normally not during the game. It can be done before or after but not during it.

Tip 4: Bluffing is good but one has to know the trick behind them. There is nothing worse than a bluff that has not been thought through or practiced enough.

Tip 5 : Never start of strong in the game. If ones starts strong, they might reveal their plans for the game and all the carefull planning would have gone to waste. Playing online is fun like live casino but when one starts aggressively, they have to make sure to guard their flanks for counterattacks.

Tip 6: Never take the gamer personally. Thats poker is - a game. And players of the game should not forget this. Let the rivalry start and end at the table only.

Poker is a game that can be played by anone. It chooses no gender but recognizes the skills.