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Mutual of Omaha and Mystery Wheelbarrow: Exciting and Enjoyable Poker Variations

An amazing, famous and appealing card game in online casinos and live casinos, poker lures gamblers who are strategic and skillful. Many players, who frequently visit these gaming establishments, look for new, unique, exciting and enjoyable poker variations to try. Hence, to attract more traffic in their sites, some online poker rooms feature attractive poker variations including Mutual of Omaha and Mystery Wheelbarrow.

Mutual of Omaha and Mystery Wheelbarrow are enticing because they have similarities with other popular poker variations like Omaha Poker. Even if they are similar with other kinds of poker, they have distinct features, which make them more fascinating to gamblers. To help players who show interest in playing these games, let us discuss some of the basic rules and game plays of the two enjoyable poker variations.

How to Play Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is easy to play because is mechanics are basically the same with the mechanics in playing Omaha Poker. However, in Mutual of Omaha, each player begins with just three cards. The same betting structure with Omaha Poker applies until the dealer reveals the final community card during the river.

After the river, players can get another card from the deck but they have to pay for that extra card. Players decide whether they bet for the low hand, high hand or both. If no player wins both hands, the individuals with the low hand as well as the high hand win the pot,

The Mechanics in Playing Mystery Wheelbarrow

Each player in the table gets three cards for their starting hands. The dealer deals five exposed shared cards on the middle of the table, following the pattern of a pentagon. Another faced down card will be dealt in the center of the exposed community cards.

Players can replace one of their hole cards with the shared cards. If they choose to pick one of the exposed shared cards, they need to put their cards faced-up. However, if they pick the mystery card or the unexposed card, they also place their card faced down. Betting happens every time a player replaces one of the hole cards with one of the shared cards. When all players have two turns to exchange cards, the showdown occurs.

At the showdown, the dealer opens the mystery card. The individual with the highest or most dominant five-card hand, including all of their hole cards and two from the shared cards, wins the entire pot.

Mutual of Omaha and Mystery Wheelbarrow are engaging and inviting. To win in these poker variations, players need to have good memory and it is necessary that they keep track on the exposed cards. Lastly, it is important that gamblers understand some basic poker strategies that can help them have advantages over other players who like to play these games.