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Pointers for the New No Limit Player

For someone who is getting started in No Limit Holdem, his thoughts are naturally enough, all about becoming famous and winning the big money in the tourneys and cash games. However, while there is nothing wrong with aspiring, it is important that he starts out with knowing the central facts.

Among the most basic No Limit strategies that you will need to know is that when you play, you will not just have to think about how much you can win, but also the amount that you will have to pay out when the cards go bad. For this reason, you will need a more sizeable bank roll than the ones people carry in fixed limit games.

One No Limit strategy that you can use to try and save some bank roll money is to select a limit that will allow you to purchase back the buy in just in case you get stacked. Always research the buy in rates for the game in relation to your bank roll to maximize your playing time.

Secondly, anyone who wishes to play No Limit needs to be familiar with pot odds. A lot of new players are turned off by this simply because it involves number crunching.

However, the hand odds are now easily available online for No Limit, and there are also pot odd calculators, so there is no excuse not to learn about them. Whatever time and effort you invest here will be more than compensated for by the big money pots that you will win.

Whether you are playing online or land based, there are certain No Limit etiquette to follow. If you lose a hand because a fish made a bad play (i.e., called when they should have folded) do not yell or curse. Just remember that you are playing against beginners like yourself.

In addition, when you are online, avoid at all costs ranting against the site if you get a bad beat. It happens to everyone, and ranting will just make you look like an uninformed amateur.

And of course, remember that since you are just beginning in No Limit, try to relax and have fun. It can be a stressful game at times, but by approaching it with a light attitude and clear mind, you will not just profit, but also take pleasure in the game, which in turn will help you play even better.